Installation of complete DVB T2 transmission system
  • Installation of DVB T2 Head End system in 1+1 configuration.
  • Installation of Network Monitoring System for 7 DVB T2 transmitter sites.
  • Installation of 24 core Optical Fiber network in 1+1 configuration between the Master Control Room and transmitter site for transport HD video signals. This includes layering od optical fiber, optical fiber termination and encoder & decoder installation.
  • Installation of DVB T2 transmitters in 1+1 configuration, Band Pass Filers, Dummy Loads and Program Input & Monitoring Equipment in 7 sites. Transmitter power varies from 550W to 3.5kW.
  • Installation of 10kVA to 30kVA AVR and power distribution boards for DVB T2 transmitter systems at 7 sites
  • Installation of antenna systems consist of 6 to 8 antenna panels, power dividers & feeder cables for DVB T2 transmission in 5 sites.
  • Re-Engineering of antenna systems consist of 18 & 22 antenna panels for DVB T2 transmission in 2 sites.