Installation of complete DVB T2 transmission system<
  • Installation of DVB T2 Head End system in 1+1 configuration.
  • Installation of Network Monitoring System for 6 DVB T2 transmitter sites.
  • Installation of DVB T2 transmitters in 1+1 configuration, Band Pass Filers, dummy loads and Program Input & Monitoring Equipment including satellite receivers, multiviewers and transport stream analysers at 6 sites. Transmitter power varies from 550W to 2.2kW.
  • Installation of 10kVA UPS and power distribution board for the DVB T2 head end system and installation of 15kVA to 30kVA UPS and power distribution boards for DVB T2 Transmitter systems in 6 sites
  • Installation of antenna systems consist of 16 antenna panels power dividers & feeder cables for DVB T2 transmission in 2 sites